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Lush Charity Pot Event

Lush Derby, who have so often been amazingly generous to DRS, have invited us to hold a "Charity Pot Event" at their store!

We need a team of volunteers to run a stall at the shop throughout the day, to hand out leaflets, chat to customers and smile a lot! Hope you can join us!!

This how Lush themselves describe a Charity Pot Event....."We love our shops to mirror our company ethics by supporting the small grassroots groups in their community, working in the areas our Charity Pot sales support. As such, every store can host grassroots groups for 1-2 days (typically a weekend) in their store. Giving our customers chance to find out about local groups and the work they are doing, and our store the opportunity to donate their Charity Pot sales (excl tax) made over the days of the event to support the group. Normally the shop will help set up a promotional area for the group. This could include your group’s banners, posters, leaflets and any other items that would help communicate your message to the public. Some of our customers may be interested in volunteering or in giving their support personal."

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Earlier Event: May 26
Saturday Sort and Donation Drop
Later Event: May 31
Thursday Sort and Donation Drop