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Collection of urgent items for Paris

On 17th October, LE Solidarity will be taking a van full of urgently needed items to Paris, to Heather and the amazing Paris Refugee Ground Support team

We want to help. If you have anything on the needs list below, please bring it to us before the 10th October. That will give us time to sort it and get it to Leicester in time. Thank you!

*Needs list**

Sleep and cover

▪Blankets (Thick and thin)
▪Sleeping bags (Thick and thin)
▪Tents (popups are the best and 1/2/3 man are ideal, but we'll take any and all)
▪Tarpaulins Small/Medium/Large.

-Backpacks (Medium)


▪Mens (s/m) brand new socks and underwear.
▪Mens (s/m) tshirts.
▪Mens (s/m) tops.
▪Mens (s/m) jumpers/hoodies.
▪Mens Trousers/jeans/joggers
(s/m sizes 28" to 34")

▪Mens Shoes and Boots
(sizes 40 to 45, especially 42 and 43)

▪Mens coats/jackets. Preferably good winter quality.
▪Thermal underwear longjohns/vests

**Weather protection**

▪️Survival bags.

▪Waterproof jackets

▪Sheets/rolls of plastic for rain cover.

▪Rain ponchos

▪Foil/Emergency Blankets

**Hygiene **
▪Wet wipes
▪Small packs of tissues.
▪Small packs of toothpaste and toothbrush.
▪small packs of razor, soap, shampoo and deodorant.
▪Small packs of lip balm, vasoline and moisturiser.
▪Small packs of comb, nail file and nail clipper.
-tiny led torches- keyring/pocket sized.

Food packs
1x small bottle of water
1x small juice carton
1x ring pull tin of fish
2x energy/cerial bars
2x chocolate bars.
1 x small pack of nuts


▪Mobile phones, charged and with European adapter plugs.
▪Charging leads.
▪Power banks.

▪Cold and flu items
▪Pasters of all sizes
▪Deep heat.
▪Cough syrup
▪Burn cream
▪Bruise cream
▪Anti septic cream
▪Antacid capsules.


*Women and children's items**

As a rule we cater to men and boys as they are the people that have little to no assistance whatsoever.
There are families on the streets but generally they are the people taken care of first by the Parisian communities and associations. Women and children's items are the easiest items to get hold of as there is always soooo much to be had. If we openly say we accept these items, we would have an entire warehouse flooded with just these items.

Men and boys are the majority and their items are the hardest to get hold of. Especially small and medium sizes, as generally there are no large refugee people.

We try to only accept the absolute necessary items for women and children.

So we strictly only accept these items:

▪Women and children's Winter jackets.

▪Women and children's Leggings.

▪Women and children's hoodies.

▪Children's shoes.
▪Children's hats, gloves and scarves

▪Womens sanitary products


We have loads of women's shoes so we don't need any of these
We don't need any jeans or trousers, tops or dresses, hats or scarves.

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