YNOT Festival salvage!

by Amy Sunshine

What a day!!
DRS and FWRD - Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution spent the day on site at YNOT festival to salvage as much useful stuff we could get our hands on.There was plenty of tents, sleeping bags, chairs and roll mats that we filled the van with. 
But the sad thing is there was so much stuff left behind that will end up in the incinerator or landfill.
 The next festival that we will salvage at will be at Leeds on 27th August so if you are free then please please join us to salvage even more stuff to send to France. 
I would like to say a massive thank you to Tilly Bob, KeithMoyraYakoub, Hafiz, Zak, Ben, Wedge, Cara, Taryn, Miranda and Beth and not forgetting the wonderful Katie who made this all possible.


DRS Allotment Visit 26.7.18

Lots of things can grow in allotments: runner beans, tomatoes, weeds, sunflowers, friendships, muscles, teamwork, solidarity....

Today's visit to the allotment shared by DRAC AND DRS was a HUGE success. Everywhere you looked people were digging and chopping and carrying and chomping on croissants donated by Zak! This project has really taken off and made amazing progress in such a short time! 

If you have greenfingers and can spare a few hours every week please let us know. We are hoping we might be able to run more sessions on a rota basis so that even more people can get involved. Please let Julie or Steve know!




"You may have seen from our social media that the situation in Calais and Dunkirk is bad - police violence is increasing and the French authorities have tried to ban water and food distributions in the area. Unfortunately, the media have somewhat forgot about Calais, which has resulted in a certain level of donor fatigue. On the ground, the situation is worse than before; people are sleeping rough in the woods with little more than a sleeping bag to protect them from the weather. Each and every day we have more people asking for clothing than we can possibly supply and we are having to distribute new tents every week because the police are carrying out evictions in Calais and Dunkirk five times a week.

The need is continuing to rise and we are unable to distribute items on the scale we would like. As there is no water supply in the area, people cannot wash their clothing, meaning we must continually distribute clean items, not only to keep people warm and dry but also in the hope of preventing the spread of disease. As soon as the cold weather arrives back after summer, we will find ourselves getting through an increasingly large number of blankets and warm men’s clothing meaning we will immediately need more donations.

We have always relied on UK groups like yourself to act as local drop-off points and facilitate deliveries of much needed aid to our warehouse in Calais. The need in Calais is increasing every day while more and more people are displaced from smaller camps in Pas-de-Calais"


As of 21.7.18 we have no premises. We hope to confirm a new premises soon in a location much more accessible for many of our volunteers. Until we move into our new home we are doing activities every Thursday and some weekends. Please join us! 

26.7.18     Visit to the DRAC and DRS Allotment.  

                 Meet at the warehouse door near the 

                 car park at 10.a.m. Transport provided. 

Phone Steve 07881615750 or Julie 07790900017 for more details 

Small Print: Activities may or may not include the activity displayed in the photo.


Hi to High Wycombe

From your house, community, place of worship, your club, your garage....your wonderful Moses Baskets and donations of clothes on Thursday 28th June started on their long journey to Syria!

The DRS team filled the van which was then driven by Liz and Meghan in conditions that can only be described as "Scorchio!" and arrived safely in High Wycombe to be met by Tartar and the team at http://www.highwycombehelpingothers.co.uk/

That's 25 Moses Baskets and 60 sacks full of sorted clothing joining a container of aid to Syria hopefully next weekend.

We really can't thank you all enough!!


DRS Open Day and Refugee Week Launch event!

Thank you sooo much to everyone who helped organise and/or who attended DRS's first Open day yesterday!! It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, celebrate the work we have been doing and to properly thank all our amazing volunteers.

DRS supporter Katy Last and her lovely family provided some amazing face painting and we had visitors from other charities and teams who we hope to work with in future! 

The "DRS Quizzy Whizz" was a close competition but narrowly won by Lawrence. The winner of the Treasure Hunt is yet to be announced. watch this space!

 Look out for more Open Days in future...we've got a lot of love to share!!!!





Download Festival Salvage!

By: Amy Sunshine

What a day at Download festival. We have salvaged 4 vans of tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, wellies and a whole load of other random stuff.

There was an awesome bunch of peeps salvaging today from a mix of different grouos including Paris Refugee Ground Support, FWRD - Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution, LESolidarity and a few others. The majority of the salavaged items have been delivered to and sorted at Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity warehouse

All the items collected with not only benefit Refugee in Europe but also the homeless in England.

There are many other festivals this summer where thousands of tons of perfectly usable it's will be left behind and sent to landfill :'(
If you want to get involved and help salvage this summer then please get in touch.

The more people we have, the more we can save!!


Lush/DRS Charity Pot Event 27.5.18

On 27th May the wonderful staff at Lush invited DRS volunteers to take part in their "Charity Pot Event" where proceeds from one of Lush's gorgeous products goes to help local grassroots organisations. Steve, Hafiz, Addo, Hamed, Yasser, Zak, Julie, Lawrence and Sherko took turns to give out DRS leaflets, talk to customers about our projects and meet the lovely team at Lush Derby. 

Manager Emily later wrote to DRS to say....

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the lovely volunteers we had instore yesterday, you all really inspired and motivated us. If you have any feedback or comments about the event, I'd love to hear whether its something that worked well or anything you would change, so that these charity events have as much impact as possible.

In terms of totals for the whole weekend, we have raised £468.52 for DRS!!!! This is the total after VAT is taken off, so we actually sold £585.65 worth of charity pot lotion over the 3 days. I'm really proud of our team, and they'll be so enthused to learn where the money goes. Please if at all possible can you send us over any photos of how the money has been used, either your new van, or a photo of the donated soaps you've sent to Syria, we'd love to post a photo on our social media to show our customers what they have helped you to achieve!

Thank you again for joining us in our lovely new shop and keep in touch with all the amazing work you are doing!

Emily + Lush derby team