Lush/DRS Charity Pot Event 27.5.18

On 27th May the wonderful staff at Lush invited DRS volunteers to take part in their "Charity Pot Event" where proceeds from one of Lush's gorgeous products goes to help local grassroots organisations. Steve, Hafiz, Addo, Hamed, Yasser, Zak, Julie, Lawrence and Sherko took turns to give out DRS leaflets, talk to customers about our projects and meet the lovely team at Lush Derby. 

Manager Emily later wrote to DRS to say....

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the lovely volunteers we had instore yesterday, you all really inspired and motivated us. If you have any feedback or comments about the event, I'd love to hear whether its something that worked well or anything you would change, so that these charity events have as much impact as possible.

In terms of totals for the whole weekend, we have raised £468.52 for DRS!!!! This is the total after VAT is taken off, so we actually sold £585.65 worth of charity pot lotion over the 3 days. I'm really proud of our team, and they'll be so enthused to learn where the money goes. Please if at all possible can you send us over any photos of how the money has been used, either your new van, or a photo of the donated soaps you've sent to Syria, we'd love to post a photo on our social media to show our customers what they have helped you to achieve!

Thank you again for joining us in our lovely new shop and keep in touch with all the amazing work you are doing!

Emily + Lush derby team