Ready, steady, BAKE

Recipe for a busy, buzzy, brilliant morning at DRS!

Oodles of generous donations from Naomi, Wirksworth Mothers' Union, Mike and Alice!

Bags and bags of food packs ready to go to Paris.

ELEVEN students in an English session!

A visit from Gill, from Derby College, to talk about a FREE, online ESOL course!

Add endless cups of tea and coffee from Moyra, cake from Kate and fresh veg from our garden.

Ready, steady, BAKE!

Let's all see refugees more 2020!

DRS are delighted to announce the arrival of our very first calendar! Free to refugees and asylum seekers, it features pictures taken by DRS photographers, Ben, Mogahid, Carmela and Nic. The perfect stocking filler for all your friends and family.

Designed by Tamar Feast, the calendar will raise funds for DRS projects. Buy in bulk and get an even better price!

calendar 2.png


Music lovers, budding DJs and storytellers needed!!

SO excited to announce that DRS will be taking part in a takeover of Derby Sound Community Radio on 14th November!

Derby Sound Community Radio is a "grassroots community-run radio station broadcasting online 24/7 amplifying local communities, causes and artists with volunteering opportunities."

We know how fantastic they are because we went in to record a plug for DRS! ( One hour, 4 minutes in)

Details to be announced but please put this date in your diary as it will be "all hands on deck!"


Fame at Last!

A full version of the following article appears in the October issue of Breeze Magazine

New Beeston Collection Point needed for Refugee Charity 

We at Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity already miss The White Lion – and especially Sergio -very much. Not only was it a great community venue, hosting all kinds of events, dance classes, film nights, poetry and storytelling evenings, for us, The White Lion was vital. 

The wonderfully generous people of Beeston, home of the UK’s most successful Oxjam two years running, have been using The White Lion as a place to drop off donations and hold fund-raising events. Sergio has worked closely with one of our volunteers, Julie, who lives in Beeston, to keep a regular supply of donations coming to fill our “Sorting Bins”. These are then sorted for different destinations; Calais, Dunkirk, Paris, Syria and Greece. Nothing is wasted: anything not suitable for refugee camps is sold on ebay or at car boot fairs and jumble sales or sent to weigh in . We don’t really turn anything away. If we can’t use it or sell it, we pass it on to other charities.

We would be so grateful if someone could help us maintain this link between DRS and Beeston! Sergio kept the donations in the cellar at The White Lion and people could drop off during pub opening times. Ideally, we need somewhere where people can make drop offs at specific times but another option would be if someone has a spare garage/shed space, Julie could be there once or twice a week to open up and accept donations.

If anyone can help us, or would like to know more about our work, please contact us!


Hygiene Packs and Food packs urgently needed.

Calling all mums, dad, carers, teachers, community groups, lovely peeps....

October is here. Days are getting darker, colder and soggier. My dog just refused to go outside.

On the streets of Paris over 1000 refugees are sleeping rough. On 17th October, a van organised by LE Solidarity will be taking vital aid to those who need it most.

DRS want to help fill this van. And we need you to help us please, if you can.

Hygiene packs and food packs for desperate people, sleeping rough, are relatively cheap and easy to collect and put together. Kids can get involved, choosing and buying the items, budgeting to get the best value for money.


Hygiene Packs

▪Wet wipes

▪Small packs of tissues.

▪Small packs of toothpaste and toothbrush.

▪small packs of razor, soap, shampoo and deodorant.

▪Small packs of lip balm, vasoline and moisturiser.

▪Small packs of comb, nail file and nail clipper.

-tiny led torches- keyring/pocket sized.

Food packs

1x small bottle of water

1x small juice carton

1x ring pull tin of fish

2x energy/cereal bars

2x chocolate bars.

1 x small pack of nuts

Please bring any packs you can collect to DRS and we will make sure they get to Leicester in time to go to Paris.

         THANK YOU

(The full list of items needed can be found at the PRGS facebook page. )


Thank you to The Co-operative, Oakwood!

DRS had a great session at The Co-operative in Oakwood today collecting medical and hygiene supplies for refugees. One of our volunteers, Katy Last, will be delivering these to an International network of healthcare professionals providing voluntary medical aid to refugees and displaced people living in refugee camps in Paris, France.

They provide first aid, basic medical care and triage in the camps with hospital advocacy for issues requiring secondary care.

If you have a few spare days or longer and would like to get involved please email, message the admin team (Harriet Crook, Harriet Payne, Katy Last and Elena Lydon) our contact DRS and we’ll put you in touch.

If you want to donate to the project, you can do so here:…


A big thank you from DRS!

So many people to thank for their kindness and generosity yesterday!

Thank you to Mary and Aston and Weston Mothers' Union for the baby items and the bike (Abdu is SO happy!); to Hugo and Lily for donating all their baby clothes; to Caitlin for her donations; to Suzanne for donating two bikes (two more happy volunteers!;) and finally to Simon and Julie, for their preview of a forthcoming episode of Strictly Come Dancing!



Many of volunteers are asylum seekers or refugees and they desperately need bikes to get around. PLEASE consider donating your old bikes, whatever condition they are in. If you would prefer to sell, we will pay up to £75 for a good bike from our Bike Fund, which is set aside specifically for this purpose.

Alternatively, if you see a bike on freecycle, gumtree etc, PLEASE let us know and we will chase it up. Thanks everso!

(picture NOT an accurate representation of one of our volunteers)


Sorting donations: new system

Message to all regular volunteers.

We want to make everything fair and equal for all volunteers at DRS. Starting on 19th September we will be following the timetable in the photo. Sorting will take place ONLY from 9.45 to 10.30 on Thursdays and on Saturdays when we don't have other activities on, like yoga or training for example.

Of course, this can only happen when we have donated stuff to sort. So time to ask your friends and neighbours to have an autumn clean! Let's fill another van for Calais before winter.