Container arrives safe and sound in Chios!

By Ruhi, of Refugee Biryani and bananas

“And then our 40ft container of aid arrived...

After months of fundraising for freight and aid costs, collecting of aid, travelling up and down the country transporting aid, liaising with other grassroots organisations and independent volunteers for a big collaboration to enable us to send quality winter aid, baby products and food aid we sent our container of aid with lots of love from England.

What an honour it was to be able to receive and unload the container in Chios!

Once again big thank you to everyone from Newcastle, Northumberland and Middlesborough, London, Leicester, Cumbria, Loughborouh and Derby who helped collect, transport, fundraise and load the aid. (Emma Horspool, Rebecca Spilane, Debbie Isley, Alison Raimes, Clive, Sarah, Sophie Cottis-Allan, Adam Spilane, Amy Sunshine, Steve Cooke and all the other volunteers)

Special Thanks to Eva Andersson from 2HelpingHands who donated a substantial amount of Funds towards buying of the winter shoes and coats and freight transportation costs.

And finally my extended team and family in Chios.... 
All the Refugee Biriyani & Bananas, Refugee Relief, IRIS Centre, 2HelpinHands, One Family - No borders, Donate4Refugees, Norweigen and independent volunteers who helped unload the container in under 2 hours and went on to sort and pack shoes and coats for our upcoming winter aid mass distributions THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to the cause.

Special Thanks to my brothers and sisters who are seeking asylum in Europe and helped unload our container and with the distributions. Despite being through so much and having so much taken away you all you do is give. Your support towards pur work is so commendavle. None of our Volunteering work would be possible without you and you are all so strong and you keep us strong!

Hasib, Omar, Ahmed, Baby Samir, Qarar, Hussain, Siraj, Rahman, Khaled, Yahya, Sana, Aida, Amir, Prince Baktash, Zain THANK YOU!

For all those who contributed towards the container you will be pleased to know majority of the aid has been distributed or allocated to different projects helping those in need. Watch put for upcoming updates.

Thank you Yourgus a local Greek man who we rent our storage premises from- he helps us with everything and looks after us!

To be able to send a 40ft container of aid this way is cost effective and maximises what we can do on the ground if organised wel.

Help us to send another container of aid. 
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