DRS Spending Update

Over the last year we’ve done lots of fundraising events to cover our costs – car boot sales, music events, sporting events and we’ve had loads of generous supporters. We’ve raised so much money, we’ve got more than we need to cover our running costs and our trips to France to deliver aid. As a charity, it’s our duty to make sure that any donations we received are spent on meeting our charity aims and not left to accrue in a bank account.

With that in mind, we had a meeting this Thursday to discuss what to do with our cash surplus of £3300! Historically, we have often responded to emergency situations and shout outs for help from many of the other refugee organisations we have worked with. So it was decided that we’d split our money between some of those organisations, as well as a few others led by requests from our volunteers.

So, it was decided, with suggestions and involvement from many of our volunteers, to split the money 6 ways between these great causes…

Paris Refugee Ground support – sleeping bag appeal 
Check out this brilliant short video that explains what they’re doing: https://www.facebook.com/rastplatz/videos/587949721618012/
£550 should buy about 60 sleeping bags

Refugee Community Kitchen 
An organization many of our volunteers have been involved with, who have been serving hot, nourishing meals to refugees since December 2015. 

The Refugee Women’s Centre, supporting women, families and minors around Dunkirk, Calais and Grande Synthe.
Another organization that DRS knows well and has worked with on projects in the past.

The next three projects we will be supporting via our friends at Muslims In Need, who work tirelessly to support people all over the world in areas of conflict, such as Syria, Yemen and Bangladesh.

Yemen Food Parcels appeal 
£550 will buy around 18 food parcels, which will each last a family in need for a whole month!

Food, shelter & medical assistance for Rohingya

Syria: orphan village 

All of these projects and causes are through organisations that are well known to DRS. We can trust that the money we send will be spent exactly where it’s meant to be – helping the people who are most in need.

We just want to also say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has donated, supported, sorted and basically helped DRS in any way in the last 12 months. We have now been doing this for THREE YEARS and we are continuing to grow and support refugees both overseas and at home and it’s a wonderful thing. Thank you ☺