Paris refugee support teams face possible eviction. Please help!

Paris Refugee Ground Support and Medical Aid for Refugees and Displaced individuals face eviction.

After operating for a number of years from the basement of a squat in Paris the amazing groups who supply clothing, shelter and medical help to migrants in one of the richest cities on earth now face eviction on the 28th October. The groups have created accommodation for volunteers and a massive and well organised warehousing facility. The eviction is particularly galling this year as DRS and other groups have made a massive effort to stock the warehouse ahead of the planned Brexit day of 31st October, knowing that transport of donations will become harder after that event.

The Collective which run the squat are fighting the eviction by all available means- legal, press campaigns and by barricading the entrance to the squat.

They are calling on local supporters to join them at the barricades and resist the eviction. If they can do this for 3 days they will be safe until March as under French law no eviction can take place between 1 Nov and 1 April. This is the crucial winter period when the needs of the refugees is the greatest , when their camps are repeatedly destroyed by the police and their belongings trashed . Our good friends, Kelvin and Heather, nightly take to the streets to ensure that as many people have the warmth and shelter they need to survive while our good friend Katy Last and the MARDi team look after their medical needs.
At the moment we in Britain can only send our thoughts and good wishes while the fight continues.