Help Refugees Sleeping Bag Campaign

DRS are delighted to be supporting this campaign! Please help us to collect as many sleeping bags as possible and bring them to St Anne's or ask us to arrange collection. THANK YOU💜💜💜💜


🚛 We're organising a sleeping bag collection for Calais in 7 days! 🚛

If you have 3,000 sleeping bags and 5,000 blankets in your loft (or even just one or two)... take them to your local drop-off point before the 26th!

We're working with Emmaus Lambeth to send a lorry to all drop-off points in in London, and then the rest of the UK in the coming weeks.

If you have a spare sleeping bag or blanket, visit the link in our bio. If you don't, can you organise a collection or buy one from our #ChooseLovestore?

Please like, comment and share. The more the message gets out, the more chance we have of keeping everyone sleeping rough in Calais warm through winter!

Thank you for all your love and support! ❤️