Springy Tuesday!

What a lovely way to spend a springy Tuesday morning!

On 26th March a team of four from DRS hired a van, filled it with sorted donations and drove it down to a service station near Kettering to meet with a larger van driven by the wonderful Shelley Braddock-Overbury from North Essex.

Today, the 27th March, Shelley will be driving the van to Care 4 Calais, Mobile Refugee Support, I'Auberge and Calais Project Play.

It is always uplifting when things come together like this. As Shelley says, “As always Side by Side : Humanitarian Aid to Refugees have been amazing with their contributions to our load as well as Friends of Refugees Suffolk and CamCRAG.
Gee I LOVE my job working with all you wonderful humans! 🙏🏼”

And we say, “ Thank you so much to everyone who enabled this to happen! To everyone who donated, sorted, volunteered, made tea, salvaged tents from festivals and made us feel so lucky to be part of this amazing team!”