DRS Quiet Superstars...

Pssst. You may not know this but we have two people on our team who are quietly raising loads of money for DRS and we think it's high time we gave them a VERY BIG SHOUT OUT!!

Yagel and Gareth Hewitt, as well has being famous for cute kids and amazing cakes, run our eBay sales and they do an incredible job of it, selling donated items and finding hidden gems among the piles and piles of generous donations.

Yagel says, " One day back when we were on that little warehouse with rats and all 📷, sorting donations, I asked Lucy what happened with all the stuff that wasn't good enough to send but in good condition. On those days, we used to just send them to weigh in.
I came across with this stunning blue vintage suede long coat so I though instead of getting it to weigh in, why not take some pictures and upload them in the shop and see how it goes. That coat sold for £35, and together with other stuff, that week raised £80!
So since then, we've been going weekly or when time permits, taking pictures of whatever the volunteers leave for Ebay, uploading them and see how it goes. Once the week ends, whatever is raised in profit, I transfer to DRS paypal account, as you can see in the pics."

Now, being quiet heroes, I know Yagel and Gareth would not a fuss. So definitely DON'T make a big fuss on here or in real life. Don't do loads of noisy emojis etc. ok?