On 23rd June 2019, ten volunteers with DRS were lucky enough to become part of a wonderful project celebrating Derby’s History, in particular the Silk Mill lock our in 1833.

The artwork is being created by Red Saunders,

“Red Saunders is a professional photographer who combines his photographic practice with cultural, artistic, musical, and political activism. The aim of Red’s Hidden Project, through re-imagining those events, is to reproduce important historic scenes involving the dissenters, revolutionaries, radicals and non-conformists who have so often been hidden from history.”

The ten volunteers arrived at the Multi-faith Centre at Derby University at 2pm to be transformed, using costumes and make-up, into characters supporting the lock out., who came from all over the country.

“Walking from Derby to outlying villages, local workers were joined by supporters from all parts of the country. The Lock Out lasted five months, and saw 2,400 workers locked out of paid employment in a town of 23,000 inhabitants, causing poverty amongst families of the working classes. You will need to play a part in conjuring up the feelings of this time;- frustration, anger and hunger mixed with a sense of strength, solidarity and organisational discipline which were the hallmarks of the Derby Trade Unionists”.

All our volunteers loved the event and now want to so more similar things in future. One or two in particular - no names mentioned- seemed to have been born into their role and didn’t really want to tkae their costumes off again!!