DRS birthday party in shock cheating scandal!

Well! You’ve never seen a 4th birthday party like it??!!

It was supposed to be nice: jelly and cakes, a few games, a bit of a sing song…

SOME of our volunteers, mentioning no names, had different ideas. A fun game of musical chairs was marred by CHEATING when one person CARRIED HIS CHAIR WITH HIM!! An simple game of Pin the Tail on the Camel led to accusations of OBSCENITY! A jolly sing song about DRS resulted in Steve Cooke DISPLAYING HIS KNEES with no thought for innocent bystanders!!!!

In spite of all this, forty five volunteers and guests managed to enjoy a wonderful morning celebrating four years of DRS. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed in any way to make it such a success: everyone who helped on the day, everyone who provided food, everyone who sang and laughed and played and smiled.

Special thanks go to Susie Hanley for the gifts; Simon Ferrigno and the Co-op for the gorgeous cakes and other goodies; to Bill, Geoff and Baesa from the Red Cross in Nottingham for coming to join us; to Jane for the cheque.

Love and solidarity!