The Hair Force has arrived!

I know what you're thinking.... Do you know what DRS needs? Its very own barber!

Well guess what? Coming very soon, possibly Saturday! Amir - barber to the stars!

Amir was a barber back home in Sudan and he has offered to do free haircuts for anyone at DRS. (There’s a few people I could suggest right now)

Soooo many people to thank today... Alyson and Peter, bringing Moses baskets and other items from three Mothers' Unions; Belinda and Chris, Pam and Harry, Sindy and Sandie Gilvear for loads of donations, including many that will go directly to Paris on Tuesday; Rachel Emec's team for collecting ten Moses Baskets to take to Turkey and to refugee mums in Birmingham and Wakefield.

(And thanks to another lovely lady whose name we didn't catch!)