"It's just like the jungle...."

A van, two cars and 11 volunteers ventured forth to Leeds Branham park on the hottest ever August bank holiday. Traffic jammed and airconditioning hopeless after 2 hour stop start drive we finally arrived at what must be one of the loveliest rural settings for a music festival. As we drove onto site the view changed from rural idyll to refuse tip. Abdu said 'oh it's just like the Jungle' . He was wrong. The jungle , his home for a while , was much cleaner and much more dignified. We met many other teams from around the country including a great bunch of people collecting for the homeless in Leeds and Wakefield. Scratching the surface would be overstating what we achieved but the van came back full and we all came back tired ,safe and happyish after three hours back breaking hard work. Two more van loads coming to Derby today for storage and onward delivery to France. Job well done Bob Jacqui, Saeed, Ibrahim, Abdullah, Abdu, Kasim, Carol, Ben and Keith.